Voicemail: (530) 448-6061

I’m typically in my office Tuesday through Friday (and an occasional Saturday) booked with back-to-back appointments. So, you’ll usually find my front door locked and my voicemail on. Please feel free to leave a message or send a text or leave a note to schedule your appointment. My work number is a cell number. I do not use a landline, so my number is unlisted in the phone book. I find the cell to be the best way to be accessible to clients, especially when they are going through deeper chemical peels. The majority of my clients book a month ahead of time as I fill up quickly. For lash and brow appointments, I can usually schedule within a week. I am a busy mommy of 3 children, so sickness, fieldtrips and emergencies, etc. do arise. I do my best to keep my scheduled appointments. Thank you for understanding!


Please allow 48 hours to cancel or reschedule appointments. This allows me to contact people that are usually on a wait list. As with my family, I do understand when emergencies arise, so I am flexible. I do however charge full-price for no-shows. Thank you for your consideration.